Any artist supported by Arcane is considered a Partner. Partner deals include promotion,  direct buys, sales, full- or partial-cost coverage, and services, all of which will be explained here.

Artists become Partners through request. Sometimes, we may reach out to an artist we have discovered without them requesting our support, or even having heard of us before. We will not accept artists simply because they produce art, nor simply because they have a dream of making ‘that perfect song,’ or, ‘that perfect book,’ or, ‘that perfect drawing.’

We seek out artists, and we review requests to become partners. We bring on partners only on these conditions:

  1. They already produce works. We will not bring on people who simply want to be artists. They must already have produced works, so that we can see what their talent is, and what their work ethic is.
  2. Their talent must be of a certain quality. If all you produce is white paintings, we will not bring you on as a partner. Yes, it is subjective what counts as high quality, which is why we will leave it up to a vote by our members before we bring someone on as a partner.
  3. They have displayed, before we consider them as a partner, that they have a sufficient work ethic.

Contracts with Partners are short and specific, for the most part. When we first sign on with a Partner, their net financial support is small, such as buying an acrylic paint set for the artist, which they may not have even needed, but in return they create a single work and promote that work saying it was sponsored by Arcane. Then, we’d take a greater financial risk with the artist for our next deal. This is the general idea for how our system will work.

So, what is the meaning of the terms stated above?

Promotion: We promote a Partner on our website and social media accounts, completely free of charge. Most deals will include this.

Direct Buy: If an artist’s individual work, or series of works, have not earned them any money, or not enough, Arcane could buy it from them, ensuring they earn some revenue for their hard work. Most direct-buy agreements include giving Arcane the ability to then sell the work (or copies of it), and give a percentage to their work’s creator.

Arcane will have a shop, and that shop will feature works that we have come to own in this way. Speaking of our shop…

Sales: We will have a small shop, one that will most often be fairly empty. However, the items in our shop are those we have purchased from artists who’ve had little luck selling their works. For every sale, we give a percentage back to the work’s creator.

Full- and Partial-Cost Coverage: We will cover the cost, or a percentage of the cost, of supplies and/or materials on behalf of the artist. They tell us exactly what they need, perhaps providing a link to the item on, and then the plan becomes purchasing that item. If Arcane only pays a percentage, then we will require the artist transfer their portion of the cost to us, and then we make the purchase.

For example: An artist needs a new computer along with Adobe Photoshop, which costs $10/month. Arcane agrees to pay for the subscription and 25% of the $800 computer cost, which comes down to $320 on our end, and $600 on theirs. The artist then sends us their portion, and then we proceed to purchase the computer and a one-year subscription for Photoshop.

Important note: Arcane’s purpose is not to make artists dependent on us, it is to give them the help they need to advance. That can be a full-time career producing works, or producing works as a secondary income. Either way, Arcane’s purpose is to help them reach that point; to reach a point when they no longer need us. This is why partial-cost coverage will occur more often than full-cost coverage.

Services: Arcane will build an artist a website, social media accounts, and/or manage either for them.