Partner Program

The Partner Program is primarily for financial assistance with artistic works. If you need services, such as book editing or publication, visit the Services page here.

When an artist is approve for the Partner Program, they will receive financial assistance they need for their works. They will be notified of the dollar-amount of credit they will have access to. This assistance can only be used through approved request (we do not provide funds directly).

For example, Partners can request their credit is used to pay for a one-year subscription of Adobe Creative Suite. For this, Partners only need to inform Arcane Artists that this is what they would like their credit used for. In this example, Arcane Artists will pay for the one-year subscription.

Even if you are approved for the Partner Program, there are requirements to receive assistance. All agreements vary, but most agreements require the artist to promote Arcane Artists in some manner as a trade-off.

Usually, the longer an artist promotes, the greater the credit they earn. For example, if an author is writing a novel, it takes them a year to complete it, but they promoted Arcane Artists the entire time they were writing, Arcane Artists may agree to pay for the promotion of the finished book.

Not all Partner agreements involve earning credit. In the previous example, after one year of promoting Arcane Artists, we may even agree to edit, publish and promote the book on their behalf, regardless of the cost to us. The likely trade-off, in this scenario, would be one year of promoting Arcane Artists, as well as agreeing that Arcane Artists is the sole distributor of the book. No 2 agreements are the same, though. There are many possible outcomes of artist projects and agreements with Arcane Artists.

If you would like to be supported by our Partner Program, fill out the form below. We will respond to your request whether it is approved or declined. There may be a waiting list for responses. In the meantime, you can get ahead of the game. Below the form is a list of tips for how to receive a faster response, and have a higher chance of approval.

Tips for increasing your chances of approval:

  • Encourage your friends and family on social media to visit and join our subscribers. Screen-capture this promotion and send it to us.
  • Send us examples of your previous works in addition to your inquiry.
  • Continue to work on your art in any way that you can.