Info About (Arcane, for short) exists to support creative minds wanting to be more successful from their works. Through us, they can distribute their creations and reach a wide audience swifter and more effectively than if they were on their own. Additionally, artists can provide their talents for hire. Sometimes, we may even hire artists ourselves. It’s all for the sake of empowering expression.

Distribute through us. You can make your works available to the world through our Shop. We will hold your works for you, whether digital or physical, and distribute them on your behalf with every order. You decide the prices, and keep 90% of each sale. We divide our monthly and yearly subscriber revenue with our contributing artists whose products we sell, and with artists who offer their artistic services through Arcane.

Offer your artistic skills for hire. Another way to earn money through Arcane is by providing artistic services to customers. If you can edit images, edit books, design covers, produce music, etc., our customers can hire you through us. You decide the price and are paid 90% of every job. As with our product contributors, we divide our subscriber revenue with our artists-for-hire.


Subscribing is not necessary to help our artists, but it absolutely helps. One of the primary ways it helps is by providing some reliable monthly financial relief to our artists. We give back to our subscribers for helping with our mission. Without our subscribers, our products and services would need to be more expensive.

Subscribers receive 20% off all services and products, free additional content, access to hidden parts of the site, and our newsletter.

45% of subscriber revenue is evenly divided among our artists-for-hire. Since these artists name their own prices for their work, the extra income from subscribers allows them to keep prices low.

Another 45% of subscriber revenue is divided among artists who distribute their works through us. It is divided among them based on the total number of works they currently have Arcane distributing. This way, they receive extra financial relief, as well as incentive to create more works, since they know they will be paid more simply for having more works released.