Artist Support

Photographers, writers, musicians, illustrators, filmmakers, animators… Whatever your craft, we are here to support you. We offer flexible distribution deals, free no-obligation promotions, and our Angel Support Program for artists who need assistance completing their works. Our support never comes with any fees to the artist. All of this is made possible through our subscribers, and as always, we ask everyone who follows us to become subscribed here.


We help artists afford to complete their works. We may cover, or help cover, the cost of subscriptions to software like Adobe Creative Suite, or to devices like monitors or even computers. We only provide financial assistance for projects that can be sold in copies such as books or music. When providing funding assistance, acquires distribution rights to the work, and the artist keeps 70% of every sale.


We help artists establish a presence online, if they so desire, such as helping them build a website to showcase their works, or we simply help them manage their artistic social media accounts. Most times, we build profiles for them right on our website, so that everybody who visits has easy access to their viewing their works.


We help artists be seen and heard by promoting their works.


We help artists get their works out into the world. We publish and market books on behalf of writers. We also distribute most other works through our site.