Distribution Deals

You create, we handle the rest. We will promote and sell your works for you.

Are you a photographer, writer, musician, sketcher, painter…? We welcome all.

ArcaneArtists.com offers artists the chance to have their works distributed and promoted at no cost to them. Every distribution deal is flexible, and we leave it to the artist to lay the foundation for what such deals look like for them.

Deals can be singular or long-term.

Example of singular distribution deal: A photographer has 20 photos they’d like us to distribute and promote. Photos can be sold in a number of ways, from wallpaper, to coffee mugs, to blankets. Both parties agree that Arcane will split sales of each photo 70/30 (photographer/Arcane).

Example of a long-term distribution deal: An author has a series in mind that will consist of 5 books. Both parties agree that the author will be paid a $500 advance upon the completion of each book, and sales will be split 70/30 (author/Arcane) but the author won’t receive any until their portion of sales exceed the $500 advance.

These are just examples. We leave it primarily up to the artist to lay the foundation for deals.