ArcaneArtists.com exists to make it easier for artists to express themselves. We don’t want time, or finances, or timidity holding back true talent. We only work with artists who don’t have the benefit of large followings and fame. Through our flexible distribution deals, our free promotions, and our Angel Support Program, we are here for artists no matter what they need.

Art is important, not only to society, but to life itself. Expression is not only limited to people; even birds and whales sing. No one would express themselves if it was not important.

People are inspired by stories, mesmerized by imagery, and soothed by music. Have you ever heard a song or band that you love that has been around for a long time, and you wonder how you never heard of them before? The same could happen with books, or with any other art form. Not everyone can get their works out there. Not everyone has a large studio backing them, or prominent distributors showcasing them. Authors get rejected, illustrators don’t have the time to display their works in galleries… Sometimes, the greatest artists just don’t have the means or the time to make their works known, or to even create works at all.

Many artists are compelled by their very nature to express, even if no one pays attention. Writers need to write, painters need to paint, photographers need to shoot, musicians need to play, and so on. The purpose of ArcaneArtists.com (‘Arcane’ for short) is to be a resource for talented artists who don’t yet have the following or connections to make a living, or at least a secondary income, from their talent. Arcane exists to make it easier for artists to get their work seen or heard by the world. For the most part, our only requirement for those we support is that they simply keep expressing themselves.

Arcane is currently supported through our subscribers. We have big plans for our future, but like most things, we have to start out small. If you become a subscriber, you will have perks such as being updated on all works our supported artists submit, and of course you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you helped make these works possible.

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