The Harry Potter Sequel Series That Needs to Happen

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The Obligatory Harry Potter Sequel Series

by Michael of

Sometimes, stories have many facts, statements, events, or even characters that are important in some way, but are never expanded upon, at least not yet. Think of Luke Skywalker in the original Star Wars when he asked Ben Kenobi, “You fought in the Clone Wars?” Not only are the Clone Wars never mentioned again in that movie, but it’s not mentioned for the rest of the trilogy. But clearly, this so-called Clone Wars had a significant effect on the galaxy, because we know the Empire is a relatively new thing since Darth Vader used to be a good guy until he helped the Empire rise. It made people wonder, Hmm… Clone Wars …, Empire hasn’t been around very long …, Darth Vader was good earlier in his life…

This is an example of times when an expansion of the lore is actually required. And I’m not talking about the nonsense we find in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where easter eggs are dropped in there just for the sake of a future movie. The mention of Darth Vader’s back story, and the Clone Wars, are necessary for explaining what we are currently watching … as in right now. But they still weren’t expanded upon, and they should be.

This leads me to Harry Potter. There may not be obvious open-ended questions from the main series (other than what it explains by the final book), but there are these unexplained hints nonetheless. For example: Why does the series take place in the 1990s at all? Why not just have the series take place in an earlier century, when everybody used quill pens? Or another question: Why does the series never really show what’s going on in the Muggle world when there have been events that clearly had an effect on it, like the rise of Grindelwald, or Voldemort? We know from JK Rowling herself that wizards and Muggles used to know of each other’s existence full-well in the distant past. In Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, we know that the Prime Minister of England (a Muggle) is well-aware of the existence of wizards… This all begs the question: How long can wizards truly keep their own existence hidden? Muggle technology is about to improve drastically and rapidly, with the invention of things like the internet, and before long, smartphones.

Maybe it’s just coincidence that Rowling chose to have the main series take place in the 1990s, but I see that as the most perfect time. It’s the perfect time for the old ways to be on their way out the door. Wizards can’t destroy Muggle landmarks, and Muggle political leaders can’t know of their existence … all while keeping wizards secret forever. No, the Muggle world will inevitably learn wizards are very real, very soon. Especially when it’s nearly that time in history when anybody, anywhere, can record footage and take pictures on a moment’s notice AND upload it to the world-wide-web, all from a single device in their pocket.

There needs to be a sequel series. There NEEDS to be.

Voldemort was just a taste of what is in store for the entire wizarding world. No longer will it be a single person threatening everyone, it will be an entire race. Technology versus magic. Let’s all admit that wizards never really understood Muggles, and the same would likely be true of Muggles if they became aware of wizards. It would be contingent on half-bloods and Muggle-borns to unite both worlds and prove that they can peacefully coexist.

But is it ever really explained in the main series why exactly wizards are kept a secret from the Muggle world? Not really. It’s a secret because … it just is … and we just have to accept that as readers. Well, this is one of the things that I think the sequel series needs to explain.

What the Sequel Series Needs to Explain

  1. Why is the existence of wizards kept a secret from Muggles in the first place?
  2. What event caused both worlds to separate from each other?
  3. Could both sides live in harmony, or is there no possible way?
  4. Where exactly did magic come from?

I think the sequel series should feature a villain who was born a Muggle, with absolutely no magical abilities, but who somehow learns to use magic.

I think the sequel series should frequently explain the distant past, and possibly even sometimes take place in the past.

I think the sequel series should make Harry Potter the main character again, and the fight ahead of him is far more dangerous than the threat Voldemort posed. Voldemort was essentially just practice.

JK Rowling, please make this happen. I would be happy to write it if you are not willing.


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